To All AISF Members and Stakeholders,

Whenever we survey or ask our members “what are the main priorities the AISF should be focusing
on”, inevitably the number one answer is training. In recent years the AISF has directed much of its
resources to updating our existing training courses to ensure that they remain relevant to current
technologies, industry standards and workplace practices, as well as developing new training courses.

During the last quarter we held classes in Principles of Powder Coating and Working Safely with
Cyanide, with both courses being extremely well attended. Due to the ongoing industry support we
will be running both courses again during the second quarter.

After an absence of a few years, the Introduction to Electroplating course will also be conducted
during the second quarter. The course subjects have been updated and formatted to be available for
on-line delivery. The course will run for 3 hours per week over a six-week period. More information on
course commencement, subject material and student fees are in this newsletter or on the AISF
website. Some of the subjects covered in this course are accepted as recognition of prior learning (RPL)
for the Electroplating Apprenticeship which is about to commence. The AISF has worked extensively
with the Australian Institute of Engineers to obtain State funding for the apprenticeship, which is also
expected to commence shortly.

Following a few enquiries, the AISF is investigating the development of a Chemical Handling training
course, specific to our industries. Chemical handling is universal across all sectors of our membership
base, both applicators and chemical manufacturers, so we feel this training would benefit many of our

Should you need any information on upcoming training courses please feel free to contact the AISF