To All AISF Members and Industry Stakeholders,

We know it has been a difficult COVID year for all, and with rules and regulations constantly changing, it has been a major distraction for businesses. The AISF has done its best to get on with business, and despite the difficulties a lot has been accomplished. With the resources and connections through the much larger AGWA, our AISF Secretariat, Natalie Miles, has been well supported. While mostly working from home, some great progress has been made in rebuilding many aspects of the AISF.

AGM & Forum: The AISF would like to announce that we will be holding our Annual General Meeting on the 17th November 2021. This year we have many new/returned Members, we thought it would be useful to use Zoom to make the meeting accessible to all members , and provide Members with an update and an opportunity for a Q&A style forum. We will be proposing a series of 5-minute presentations on some of the major projects that are underway during 2021 at the AISF.

These will include an update on our Training – Online & On-site, Australian Standards – AS 3715, AS 4503 & AS 1231, Audit & Accreditation, Website development, Industry representation with WorkSafe and the Environmental Protection Authority