To All AISF Members and Industry Stakeholders,

We know it has been a difficult COVID year for all, and with rules and regulations constantly changing, it has been a major distraction for businesses. The AISF has done its best to get on with business, and despite the difficulties a lot has been accomplished.

With Christmas fast approaching, it is a great time to reflect on what we have accomplished and plan ahead for another year of growth for the Surface Finishing industry.

During our recent AGM and subsequent Board meeting, Bill Wyllie announced that he was “hanging up his hat” as they say, and nominated me for the role of President of the AISF.

I am very honored to have been given the responsibility of this role and I am looking forward to a new year with improved freedom of movement around the country and hopefully the world. 2021 was a very busy year for the AISF with various government departments recognising the AISF as the leading representative of the surface finishing industry.
We consulted with Safe work Australia, Standards Australia, various Environmental Protection Authorities and government taskforces. We have submitted a proposal for a revision of the AS4506, and in the next few weeks our proposal for the revision ofAS3715 will also be submitted. We look forward to receiving feedback from Standards Australia on these fundamental Australian Standards guiding the Powder Coating industry. It is my hope that with the implementation of these revised standards that we are able to create a robust and inclusive accreditation program for all powder coating members covering many substrates, informing and improving our training programs, elevating the industry as a whole.

During 2022, the revision process will begin on the review of AS1231, and we look forward to the input and comment from anodising members for their assistance with the growing and expanding the services for anodisers across the country.

We have recently reviewed the Working Safely with Cyanide training material and successfully ran our very first session online with Tim Elley presenting the session. 2022 will see us able to provide more online training in this manner.

I am keen to see the feedback and resolutions from the submissions and work conducted so far with Safe Work Australia around managing exposure limits of many chemicals commonly used all of our industries.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday and an exciting return in 2022.