Insurance Services

AISF Insurance Services is a joint venture with one of Australia’s most experienced insurance brokers in the metals and surface finishing industry. With the combined leverage of the AISF group, we have been able to create and deliver insurance solutions for surface finishers, including professional advice on industry specific insurance requirements as well as negotiate reduced insurance premiums and the savings are passed on to our members.

This service offers

  • Discounted insurance premiums
  • Industrial Special Risks Product
  • Public & Products liability Product
  • Industry specific insurance solutions

You could save your business thousands of dollars by taking advantage of this corporate deal.

The AISF account manager for all your insurance needs is Adam Mott.

Phone: (03) 9797 2900 
Mobile: 0411 129 481

Make the most of your AISF Membership...

Contact us to see how we can assist you or 02 9160 4744

AISF membership serves as a fantastic opportunity to be part of a leading industry association and provides an enviable platform to be recognised as an industry leader amongst your peers Australia wide.

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