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cAISF services and programs are designed to provide long term benefit to your business and the entire industry, and contribute to your success as a surface finisher.

We offer a broad array of technical services and advice to support our members to exceed best practice principles, by providing them with the tools and resources to achieve high-grade finishes and product performance.

Our services include:

    • Industry recognised training
    • Quality accreditation and compliance
    • Representing industry and our members to regulatory bodies
    • Technical information and resources
    • Insurance services

AISF Membership serves as a fantastic opportunity to be part of a leading industry Association and provides an enviable platform to be recognised as a high performance business amongst your peers Australia wide!

No matter where you operate or how large or small your business is, AISF ensures you will get vital support and professional advice to keep your business running.

AISF offers a range of services to help you with;


The AISF is the voice of its members, representing the industry as a whole to various regulatory bodies, government agencies and institutions.

We work to protect the rights of our members and to secure a sustainable future for our industry.

We provide assistance to our members to understand new legislation and how it will affect your business, guidance and support to meet compliance regulations, as well as act as the vehicle to secure funding for new technologies and improvement measures.


    AISF training courses ensure highly trained, better motivated staff with a broader understanding of the powdercoating and electroplating processes and the specifics of your business operations.

    We offer a range of courses to suit your needs, including two day intensive introductory courses in both powder coating and electroplating and also offer our working safely with Cyanide programs.

    Members receive considerable discounts on all courses and apprentices may be eligible for government funding, subject to assessment.


    The AISF have a team of industry leaders on hand offering technical advice and assistance to all members.

    We also provide access to important information relative to the industry through our seminars, technical papers and journals, website, industry events, newsletters and training courses.

    We also have several consultants who can offer AISF members professional technical services at discounted rates.


    With the combined leverage of the AISF Group, we have secured professional advice on insurance requirements along with industry specific insurance premiums for our members.

    This service offers members access to key insurance protection including:

    • industrial special risks product
    • public & products liability product

    You could save your business thousands of dollars by taking advantage of this corporate deal.

    NB: The AISF does not provide financial advice, please see independent advice as to whether this product is right for you.

    Make the most of your AISF Membership...

    Contact us to see how we can assist you admin@aisf.org.au or 02 9160 4744

    AISF membership serves as a fantastic opportunity to be part of a leading industry association and provides an enviable platform to be recognised as an industry leader amongst your peers Australia wide.

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