AISF Training Academy

The surface finishing industry is struggling to attract and retain the right people!

Now more than ever we need to invest in our staff, as workplace training is essential for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge.

The AISF Training Academy offers a range of training courses both online and in-house for Introduction to Electroplating, Working Safely with Cyanide, Powder Coating and coming very soon Working Safely with Hazardous Chemicals.

Unfortunately, we have found most Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) in Australia are no longer offering accredited training in the surface finishing industry.

The AISF is working hard at finding suitable solutions to assist employers train and retain staff with industry specialised training offered by our Institute.

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    AISF Training Provides

    • Increased skill set and abilities
    • Increased productivity and standards in production
    • Increased workforce flexibility and responsibility
    • Increased staff confidence and motivation

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