The surface finishing industry is struggling to attract the right staff! Now more than ever we need to invest into training! We offer a range of training courses in various states around Australia which range from industry lead information sessions for our members, to 2 day Learn the basics of Powder Coating to help get new entry level employees up to speed quickly.

We also offer an Electroplating Basics course which is offered around the nation.   As we have found each businesses operations and needs are unique we are currently offering tailored electroplating training. This training will be provided in your factory, on your equipment with as many or as few employees as you would like in attendance.

Unfortunately we have found most Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) in Australia are no longer offering accredited training in the surface finishing industry.  We are working hard at finding suitable solutions to assist employers train and retain staff with industry specialised training offered by our Institute. 

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If you require a licence to handle Cyanide!
The Australasian Institute of Surface Finishing is recommended as the one and only organisation who can deliver that training and is recognised by New South Wales Department of Health.

We also offer personalised on-site training specific to your business practices and individual requirements.

AISF Members receive considerable discounts on all courses and Apprentices/ Trainees may be eligible for government funding.

    AISF Training Provides

    • Increased skill set and abilities
    • Increased productivity and standards in production
    • Increased workforce flexibility and responsibility
    • Increased staff confidence and motivation

    Make the most of your AISF Membership...

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    AISF membership serves as a fantastic opportunity to be part of a leading industry association and provides an enviable platform to be recognised as an industry leader amongst your peers Australia wide.

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